Alessandro Vettori “Poets of DIVINE LOVE – Franciscan Mystical Poetry of the Thirteenth Century”, Fordham University Press, 2004, Introduction, page XIV


Alessandro Vettori writes:

The preference of origins is often a trait of converts, persons who turn their lives around and start afresh with new goals and a renovated perspective – and Francis and Iacopone , as mystics, are first of all converts …. The new Franciscan beginning in the thirteenth century designated poverty as its pivotal source of renewal. It is the virtue of poverty (neither a cardinal nor a theological virtue, but a necessary Christian virtue for Franciscanism nonetheless) that identifies the mission of both mystics, who experience in themselves the unrelenting tension toward the humble condition of the apostolic community at the dawn of Christianity.


What will they think?

What will Italian ecclesiastics and Franciscans think of the opinion of Alessandro Vettori, who considers Jacopone as the genuine interpreter of Franciscan mysticism?

For 10 years, the Franciscan University of Steubenville (Ohio, USA), fully sharing the opinion of Vettori, has dedicated an award for poetry in English to Jacopone.

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