Alvaro Cacciotti “La teologia mistica di Iacopone da Todi”, Edizioni Biblioteca Francescana, Milano, Novembre 2020

Either a coincidence or a miracle!

In November 2020, the edition of the Laudi di Jacopone that I edited for the publisher Fabrizio Fabbri of Perugia was being published, with translation and commentary to make Jacopone understandable to readers of average cultural level … Also in November 2020, the Franciscan Library Editions of Milan published a volume by Alvaro Cacciotti, theologian and Franciscan friar, on the Mystical Theology of Iacopone, intended for expert scholars of medieval theology and literature.

These two books, coming from such different areas of expertise and motivations, converge in declaring a passionate love for the fresh and fragrant spirituality of Jacopone’s lauds.

Considering the prejudices of Italian literary criticism and of Catholic hagiography, it is astonishing that two books with such a surprisingly new perspective were published simultaneously.  If it’s not a coincidence, it must be a miracle!


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