Alvaro Cacciotti “La teologia mistica di Iacopone da Todi”, Edizioni Biblioteca Francescana, Milano, Novembre 2020,  pagine 41-42

in carattere normale il testo di Cacciotti, in corsivo il mio commento Cacciotti’s text in normal font, my comment in italics

The apex of Franciscan spirituality

The poetic project undertaken by Iacopone – which turns out to be a theological work of great breadth – is based on the shocking discovery that it is God who loves the human being and begs for his love … Death on the cross is the concrete and extreme way in which the boundless love of God is manifested …

… In Jesus Christ, the fullness of God is offered to the  human being; in Jesus Christ also, the fullness of the human being is offered to God, as if to make known that God offers himself in total sacrifice to his God: the human being …

This is the apex of the new contribution that Franciscanism leaves to the history of spirituality.

To the confused and reckless commentators who present Jacopone as opposed to Francis, these notes by a Franciscan theologian reply conclusively  that Jacopone’s  poetry represents the apex of the Franciscan ideal.


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