Ecumenical Mysticism I: tenderness

A doctoral thesis by Dr. Marta Irene Franceschini at Jawaharlal University in New Delhi, presented in 2012, is entitled “Mysticism, Love and Poetry: a Comparative Study of Amir Khusrau and Jacopone da Todi”.

The great Indian mystic and poet Amir Khusrau lived in India from 1253 to 1325: he wrote poems in both Arabic-Persian and Hindavi. In his poetry the “way of the heart” of Islam is expressed. Just two verses that Amir Khosrow dedicated to the memory of his mother:

Where ever the dust of your feet is found

is like a relic of paradise for me…

And Jacopone, with poignant tenderness, of his mother, the only truly loved woman of his life, wrote (laude XXIV)

If my mother were to come and tell

What it cost her to feed me!…

…O mother of mine, the price

you paid for one night!


While Emperors, Kings and Popes of Europe organized crusades of revenge and retaliation against the Sultans of the East, with mutual massacres and hunt for “infidels”, the God of all humanity sowed the seed of love and tenderness in the hearts of Jacopone and Khusrau: 

hidden and mysterious ways of the Spirit!


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