Evelyn Underhill, “Jacopone da Todi Poet and Mystic, 1228-1306 – A Spiritual Biography”, J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd, London, 1919

Italian translation by Claudio & Massimo Peri (Tau Editrice, Todi, 2019)


Pages 210-211

“Jacopone has never been beatified, though several attempts have been made to introduce his process at Rome: the last in 1868-9 by the heads of the Franciscan Order. Evidence was collected, proving that he had been since his death the object of a persistent veneration: but his conflict with Boniface VIII, and the independent spirit of criticism which his more vigorous satires display, were regarded as inappropriate features of an accredited saint. Hence the great poet and greater mystic who was lifted through lowliness to the ultimate vision of God has yet to be raised to the altars of the Catholic Church. Called, like Dante, from illusion to reality ‘in the middle of highway of our life’ and passing through a purging experience not less searching, an initiation into heavenly secrets not less complete, he solved in the same sense the problem of Being; finding, as the fount and origin of all that is, ‘l’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle’ (‘the love that moves the sun and the other stars’)”.

Think, my friends,

how beautiful it would be if this desire of Evelyn Underhill were taken up by the Catholic Church, by starting a new process of beatification of the great poet and mystic of Todi!

Keep in mind that Evelyn was not only a writer and researcher but also a mystic, who in the Anglican confession is venerated as the blessed and saints are in the Catholic Church!

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