in the period from the birth of Francis of Assisi (1182) to the death of Dante Alighieri (1321): 18 popes reigned during Jacopone’s lifetime (1230-1306).

The last of these, Pope Benedict XI, who absolved Jacopone from excommunication and freed him from prison, is buried in the church of St Dominic in Perugia.

1181 o 1182 : Francesco (Giovanni) Bernardone, born in Assisi

1206 : Conversion of Francis: calling by the crucifix of San Damiano, meeting with the lepers.

1207 : Jalãl al-Din Mohammad Rumi, Sufi theologian and one of the great writers of Persian mystical literature, born in modern Afghanistan.

1209 : Bernard of Quintavalle and Pietro Cattani became Francis’ first companions.

1211 : Federico II, king of Sicily, proclaimed Holy Roman emperor.

1214 : St Louis, king of France born at Poissy. He died on crusade in Tunisia in 1270 was canonised by Pope BonifaceVIII in 1297.

1216 : Pope Innocent III died in Perugia.

1219- 1220 : Francis in Egypt.

1221 : St Bonaventure, born in Bagnoregio. He died in Lyons in France in 1275.

1221 : Brother Elias became Minister General of the Franciscan Order.

1224 : Francis recieved the stigmata at la Verna.

1225 : Thomas Aquinas born at Roccasecca. He died in 1274 at Fossanova.

1226: Death of Francis at the Porziuncola.

1228 : Canonisation of Francis By Pope Gregory IX

1230 : Jacopo de Benedetti nasce a Todi, born in Todi, in the rione (district) of San Silvestro. He is better known as Jacopone da Todi

1230 :The body of Francis interred in the sumptuous newbasilica of Assisi, whose construction was promoted by Brother Elias.

1230 : Benedetto Caetani, who becamePope Boniface VIII, born at Anagni; he was the same age as Jacopone.

1230 : The poetGuido Guinizelli born in Bologna. He died in Monselice in 1276.

1231: St Anthony of Padua died.

1240 : The artist Cimabue born in Florence. He died in Pisa in 1302.

1248 : St Angela of Foligno born in Foligno. She died in 1309.

1250 : Emperor Frederick IIdied.

1253 : St Claredied in Assisi; she was born in Assisi in 1194.

1253 :Amir Khosraw the great Indian poet, mystic and musician, born. He died in Delhi in 1325

1254 : Marco Polo born in Venice. He died in Venice in 1324.

1255 : The poet Guido Cavalcanti born in Florence. He died in Florence in 1300.

1257 : Bonaventure of Bagnoregioelected Minister General of the Franciscan Order.

1260 : Meister Eckhart, German mystic, born in Hochheim. He died in Cologne in 1328.

1264 : Solemnity of Corpus Domini (Corpus Christi)instituted in Orvieto by Pope Urban IV.

1265 : Dante Alighieri born in Florence.

1268 : Conversion of Jacopone da Todi who becomes a Franciscan lay brother of the Third Order.

1277 : Foundation of the Hospital del Ceppo in Pistoia.

1278 : Jacopone admitted as a friar in the Franciscan convent of San Fortunato in Todi.

1267 : Giotto born in Vicchio. He died in Florence in 1337.

1285 :St Philip Benizidied in Todi. He was born in Florence in 1233.

1286 – 1287 : TheHospital of Charity founded in Todi.

1288 : The Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova founded in Florence.

1293 – 94 : Jacopone spent a short period in the Roman Curia.

1294 : Pope Celestine V(Pietro da Morrone) elected in a conclave in Perugia on July 5th.

1294 : Jacopone is part of a delegation to plead with Celestine V the cause of the ‘Spiritual’ Franciscans.

1294 : Pope Celestine V abdicated on December 13th.

1294 :Pope Boniface VIIIelected on December 24th.

1297 : Jacopone signed the Lunghezza manifesto, declaring the election of Boniface VIII illegal.

1297 : Surrender of Palestrina – Jacopone excommunicated and captured by forces of Boniface VIII.

1298 : Jacopone imprisoned underneath the convent ofSan Fortunato in Todi.

1300 : Boniface VIII proclaimed thefirst Jubilee Year of the Catholic Church.

1302 : Dante Alighieri exiled from Florence.

1303 : Boniface VIII founded theUniversità “La Sapienza” in Rome.

1303 : Philip the Fair, king of France, instructed Sciarra Colonna to arrest Boniface VIIIin the Papal palace of Anagni (the ‘slap of Anagni’).

1303 : Boniface VIII died and Pope Benedict XIelected.

1303 : Benedict XIrepealed the excommunication of Jacopone and released him from prison. welcomed in the convent of the Clarisse (Poor Clares) of Collazzone.

1304 : Benedict XI died in Perugia. His tomb is in the church of St Dominic in Perugia

1306 – 1307 : Dante Alighieri began to write the Divine Comedy.

1306 : Jacopone died in theconvent of the Clarisse (Poor Clares) of Collazzone, December 24.

1321 : Dante Alighieri died in exile in Ravenna.


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