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Easter 2021 series

laudi of Love Christ’s love for humanity and Jacopone’s love for Christ

NumberThemeLaude no.Title
1Joy of loveLXXXO Love, divine Love, not loved in return
2Euphoria of loveLXXVIO heart’s jubilation
3Praise for the beauty of creationLXXXIIO Love, divine Love, why do you lay siege to me ?
4Ecstasy of loveLXXXIXLove of Charity, why do you wound me so much?
5Declaration of loveLXVTo the love that came to give itself to us
6Tenderness of loveIIO Virgin, more than a woman
7Love and tenderness,
pain and faith
XCIILady of Paradise
8Need for loveXLIIShow me where Jesus is


Pillola 1:
Amor, divino foco

 LAUDE LXXXI – 26 Marzo 2021

Pillola 2:
O iubelo del core

 LAUDE LXXVI – 27 Marzo 2021

Pillola 3:
Ciò che veio è amore

 LAUDE LXXVII – 28 Marzo 2021

Pillola 4:
Amor esmesurato

 LAUDE LXXXIX – 29 Marzo 2021

Pillola 5:
O ennamorato Dio

 LAUDE LXV – 30 Marzo 2021

Pillola 6:
O Maria, co facivi

 LAUDE II – 30 Marzo 2021

Pillola 7:
Figlio, pur m’hai lassato!

 LAUDE XCII – Venerdì Santo 2021

Pillola 8:
Responneme, amor, vita mia

 LAUDE XLII – Sabato Santo 2021