Jacopone pursued the Franciscan ideal of perfect humility. He stripped himself of all egotism, pride, arrogance and judgmentalism and eventually learned to live coherently the first and greatest beatitude of the Gospel, Blessed are the poor in spirit”.


He was averse to hypocrisy, miraculism and the fanatical penances so common in the religiosity of his time. He modified his reactive and impetuous personality, questioning every feeling and every emotion that distracted him from total abandonment o Christ. He loved the crucified God with ardent love, to the point of being united with him in ecstasies that left sublime traces in his poetry.

The laud that sums up his mystical journey most clearly, systematically and completely is undoubtedly laude LX, O amor de povertate (‘O love of poverty’). We can believe that he must have worked on this laud until the last days of his life, when the total annihilation of self in the love of Christ overturned every perception and every thought and made him write that

… all light is darkness,
and all darkness is light …

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