Jacopone da Todi

With this name we indicate the book from which most references to the laudas on this site are drawn:

Jacopone da Todi

Edited by Claudio Peri
Fabrizio Fabbri Editore, Perugia, 2020


This edition of the laudas has been edited with the intention of making Jacopone’s poetry readable, understandable and enjoyable, even to readers who are not experts in historical or literary disciplines, but are lovers of poetry and are sensitive to the essential spirituality and uncompromising ethics of the great poet of Todi.

The book contains, in addition to the text of the laudas with commentary and accompanied by a modern Italian translation:

  • a description of Jacopone’s life based on known historical data and on the direct and detailed testimony of his laudas.
  • an exposé of the falsehoods of hagiography, which attempted to alter the image and extinguish the memory of Jacopone.
  • a selection of comments by authoritative scholars, giving an idea of the widespread interest in Jacopone’s life and work, recorded around the world in recent decades.

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